RCAPA – What we are and from whence we came

The Remote Control Aerial Photography Association was founded in 2007 by two forward thinking aviation professionals enjoying aerial photography both as a hobby and a potential commercial service.  The purpose of organizing other like minded individuals into an association is to share developments in hardware, data collection techniques, and safe processes as required by the use of unmanned aircraft.  It was clear to us that the ability to perform self guided low altitude remote sensing to obtain aerial images crosses the span of hobby and professional and appeals to both the artist and the professional.

As these talented individuals and companies emerged, RCAPA became a showplace for all that provide these sorts of services nationwide and world wide.  It is our intent to become the nexus of that talent pool and to also provide a clear and unified voice to both government, legal, and insurance industries that would be involved with our chosen efforts.  The RCAPA successfully pursued and forged the first ever partnership with insurance entities to provide liability insurance policies for commercial aerial photography from remotely piloted aircraft systems.   As this industry finally comes of age, the “unified voice” has become critically important and provides RCAPA with the leverage to make a difference.

The Future

We knew “they” would come. We knew the government would step in at some point to begin regulating this bit of commerce, and they did. RCAPA has always fought against regulation of our activities. We wrote and published the FIRST code of safety and conduct for R/C aerial photography in an effort to reduce government anxiety of our operations. This effort of “self policing” did benefit the membership in that we ended up being invited to help supply some of the information and practices that are soon to become regulation that could not be stopped. RCAPA is a unified voice that represents 1100 plus members and fights to minimize regulation at every turn. RCAPA officers will continue to keep a pulse on this rapidly changing scenario. RCAPA will respond every time it will affect the way we as an association and as individuals operate. RCAPA is not driven by any “special” interest group other than our membership, and we will do our utmost to protect our operations from needless governmental burden.

RCAPA exists only for the benefit our profession and its’ members.