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The SAR Challenge

Without a doubt, using the tools of aerial photography to aid our fellow man and be a good citizen of the community is rich with rewards. RCAPA is proud and excited to announce the first ever Search and Rescue Aerial Photo Challenge to promote and educate people on the use of small unmanned aircraft in this field. We hope to promote this challenge so that all areas of the U.S. and even the world can participate in an exercise that will not only educate the air crews but maybe even some of the local officials where the drills will take place. Preliminarily, we have discussed the outline of the challenge and have come up with a fair set of ground rules that will make it fun and educational. A few of the items that we have already decided on are as follows:

  1. The time line for the challenge will be the first week of June ’07.
  2. Only aerial imaging will be used to locate the victim, either video or still images.
  3. Image analysis can be performed by human eye or computer software
  4. RCAPA will provide a facsimile “victim” that will be the same for all teams.
  5. A third party will place the victim for the team to locate.
  6. Flight operations will adhere to the RCAPA basic guidelines for safe operations
  7. The search shall take place over the course of two days and one night
  8. Entry fee shall be $20 to cover the cost of paperwork and shipping of “victim” and prizes.
  9. Searchers will be required to complete all paperwork included in the packages to be eligible for prizes.
  10. Each completed package will be reviewed by a panel of judges and will awarded points for technical difficulty, creative use of technology, speed of recovery and adherence to practical search procedures.
  11. Prizes will be awarded for the top two teams and the last place team.

This outline will surely grow as we move forward on this and get more input, but it’s a great start to something that has never been done before. The idea is to learn as much as you can so that you can contribute in your area if the need should ever arise. We highly encourage local officials be contacted and even asked to participate by providing a pseudo – command structure and lending their own expertise to the effort. We believe that this challenge will be a positive experience for all involved. And maybe, it could just save a life!