Patrick Egan – Director of Special Programs

pePatrick Egan served as a full member on the FAA’s sUAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee. (Order 1110.150).  As a full member, and as Director of Special Programs for the Remote Control Aerial Photography Association. (RCAPA), he represented the “silent majority” or small business users of small Unmanned Aircraft System and their concerns regarding airspace integration. He also is a member of the International Coordination Council, which inputs to the WG-73 and the AUVSI Airspace Advocacy committee.

Patrick has supported the United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command, on Future Warfare research projects and has trained LTA (Lighter Than Air), ISR systems deployment teams for a OSD, U.S. Special Operations Command, Special Surveillance Project.

He has spent many years applying, collaborating and advocating for the business use of unmanned aircraft technology.

Patrick Egan is the Director of special programs for RCAPA and also a member of the governing board. Over the course of his association with RCAPA he has participated in the ASTM F-38 subcommittee on Unmanned Aircraft Systems and also the RTCA SC-203 (lightly regulated), sub group. He was appointed delegate select for association representation to the FAA’s upcoming SUAS ARC.

Prior to joining the RCAPA, he was an avid commercial Remote Control Aerial Photographer (SKYBORG UAS and variants), and is also a member of AUVSI (Silicon Valley.) In his spare time he is heavily involved in civic and charity work. He is a current member of the United States Navy League, was past President of Operation Homefront Sacramento Inc., and founder and past president of the MettaJaya Foundation.

Mr. Egan is a strong believer in safe yet practical guidance for the integration of Unmanned Aircraft and systems into the global airspace system. “We can either have a climate of cooperation and safety for all, or one that is full of contempt for both the regulators and other airspace users!” The belief that the airspace is a public resource that must be shared by current and future operators is a driving force behind his efforts. His concept that SUAS operators have the luxury of a built in tried and tested “organic” sense and avoid system (see, hear, avoid), is one that has resonated with many other stakeholders in this field.

Patrick Egan has appeared on Wired Science, (DIY Drones), Next Step 2.0 (Personal Drones), (Fist ever aerial with Apple iPhone) and contributed to several other application articles. Patrick will be presenting this summer at UAS 2008 in Paris, France (presentation abstracts are posted and available for viewing.)